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After more than 35 years, we’re still keeping things fresh. We aren’t just another fast food restaurant where people make a quick stop, grab their lunch and immediately leave. We want to give people an experience they can enjoy. One where they can sit back and relax with family and friends over a delicious meal.

The Steak Escape culture centers on three simple words – PASSION, PURPOSE and PRIDE. These are the core values the Steak Escape corporate team believe sets them apart from their competition.

For management and staff, it means fully understanding the foundational core values of Steak Escape and how it aligns with the new, relevant direction.

We’re interested in franchise partners that believe as we do. If you think you have what it takes to help us fulfill our mission, to be the day’s highlight of everyone who walks through the door, let’s talk.



As time changes so do the preferences of our guests. We evolved our business in order to keep up with an ever-changing industry and the way people view dining out. While our dedication to serving awesome tasting sandwiches hasn’t changed in 35 years, it was time for Steak Escape to reinvent how we serve the communities we call home.

For customer convenience, we went to the street by opening free-standing and strip center locations. Today, Steak Escape meets the demand of cheesesteak lovers with drive-thru, pick-up, carry-out, and delivery capabilities for guests who “want it now.”

For interior design and comfort, it meant no harsh lighting or the feel of cold hard plastic. Thus came the creation of “Urban Americana” — an atmosphere of warm colors and texture, reclaimed wood and repurposed materials, offering more a sense of home than a sterile environment. Customers now want to stay and enjoy their meal rather than rushing out the second the food is gone.

For the menu development team, it meant catering to the needs of people who are living healthier lifestyles by creating healthy options that are as flavorful as their sandwiches. Our expanded menu now features grilled veggie bowls, loaded baked potatoes, and grilled garden salads — all with a taste level that Steak Escape is known for.



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