Franchise Pre-Application

This application is your first step. Please fill it out completely. Make sure you don’t skip any questions or leave out any information. It’s not a contract, so neither of us is under any obligation. We’d simply like to get to know you better. Please note – all your information will be held in the strictest confidence.

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  Finances and Net Worth  

  Your Authorization  

This pre-application is the first step in our process. It is not a contract and does not constitute an agreement to grant a franchise nor allow the use of any proprietary marks, information or intellectual property. You agree to hold all information you have received from Escape Enterprises, Ltd. regarding the Steak Escape® Franchise or Systems as completely confidential. You further agree that should it be determined that you violated this confidentiality understanding, Escape Enterprises, Ltd., in its sole discretion, may seek remedies under Ohio state law.

Your acceptance of these terms further authorizes Escape Enterprises, Ltd., its employees or authorized agents to request information from banks, credit unions, savings and loan institutions, investment bankers, securities brokers, insurance companies or other financial institutions to release all information regarding your accounts, including: deposits, withdrawals or other financial transactions. You further authorize the release to Escape Enterprises, Ltd., any information requested regarding your character, credit standing or past employment. This authorization shall be valid for information up to the date of submission of this application and for ninety days.