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A Bite About Us - Steak Escape Franchise

June 22, 2018


In 1982, Ken Smith and Mark Turner decided to create a food franchise around the sandwich that put Philadelphia on the food scene, the cheesesteak. 

They created the Steak Escape franchise and introduced the world to the taste of South Philly’s prized food as well as fresh cut French fries and fresh squeezed lemonade. Everyone loved it. For decades, the company grew with franchises throughout malls across the country. Cheesesteak lovers would make sure a day of shopping included time in the food court. As consumer trends of shopping at a mall have changed over the years, so have the efforts of the owners. Steak Escape franchise owners knew that getting a quality bite to eat while on the go was important, so they left the malls and headed to the streets. Steak Escape now provides convenience and accessibility to our food by opening free-standing and strip center locations that include options for drive-thru, carry-out and delivery.


Steak Escape franchisees believe in embracing our brand as an Urban Americana dining experience that’s different from our competition. Each franchise store values the time customers have to eat but doesn't want to push people through a line. In order to achieve our all-around quality, we have established three simple words that are our core values – PASSION, PURPOSE, and PRIDE

From our founders to our staff, we believe in waking up each morning eager to share our PASSION. We work all day with PURPOSE – to build inspired relationships with our guests, our crew, and our neighbors. We are filled with PRIDE at the end of the day knowing we’ve made a difference. We are customer-centric and our mission is to be the day’s highlight of everyone who walks through the door. These values set us apart from our competition. 

Each Steak Escape franchise serves high quality made-to-order food that’s fast but delicious. Customers love our core ingredients. We invest in Italian rolls, fresh baked in stores, USDA USDA Choice steak, hormone-free all-white meat chicken as well as other fresh ingredients. Steak Escape’s menu has expanded to be more in tune with our customers’ tastes. 


Steak Escape believes in giving people what they want in a dining experience. Each store design has clean lines and sophisticated designs that are appealing to patrons and their appetites. We designed stores to showcase the meals by putting the kitchens on display. The stores provide bar seating for a faster meal service or customers can simply sit at a table and wait for their food to be delivered to them. Steak Escape franchise owners are proud of our look and meal offerings.

36 years later and numerous franchises across the country, people are still in love with Steak Escape’s food and philosophy.  


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