Back in 1982, self-proclaimed cheesesteak addicts Ken Smith and Mark Turner decided it was time to share their addiction with the rest of the world. They ventured out – much to the discouragement of friends and family – and opened their first Steak Escape in Columbus, Ohio.

Their first store wasn’t much larger than a closet – 209 square feet – but that didn’t stop it from becoming the sales leader in the market area where the business resided. To Smith and Turner though, it was no surprise, because they believed their guests wanted and deserved something better than an ordinary sandwich.

Over the years, Steak Escape has continued to grow and expand throughout the world, the menu has grown to include healthy options, and the restaurants have been redesigned in an Urban Americana style. Since that first small store, Steak Escape has redesigned its spaces to reflect a more personable, relaxing environment where guests can sit back and enjoy their extraordinary sandwich. Times are changing and so are we – except those same delicious cheesesteaks that have guests continuously coming back for more.


THIS IS Who we are

While we offer what we believe to be the best cheesesteaks and grilled subs out there, more importantly, we believe we're part of something bigger. We feel that through passion, purpose and pride, we are making a difference in the lives of those around us. And that makes us proud to serve our communities, helping create memorable moments with each interaction.



Proud to Serve

You know the trendy buzzwords when it comes to food: Fresh. Authentic. High quality. Local. Artisanal. And so on. We have all that – and more. We take pride in the food we serve our customers every day because it’s the food we savor, too.


Bottom line is we serve delicious sandwiches, healthy bowls and fresh-cut fries. The passion behind our product and service is evident the minute you walk through the door. Come grab a cheesesteak and see for yourself.


Part of the Community

We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for the communities in which we live, work and play. And because of that, we at Steak Escape are dedicated to giving back. Why wouldn’t we support those who support us?

Giving back could mean a meal to someone in need. It could mean collecting and matching donations for a local charity or worthy cause. Big or small, we’re passionate about bringing about change that matters.